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The exoskeleton developed by Space Applications Services offers a full haptic control of the arm kinematics through seven degrees of freedom (7DOF), realistic force feedback with a precise selection of actuators for a haptic use, as well as an optimised lightweight 3D printed metallic structure.

Haptic exoskeletons are considered by many as the next giant leap for remote operations using robotic arms. The operator wears a lightweight exoskeleton and 'operates' the robotic arm in teleoperation with his own natural arm motions, as if he were directly performing the work. The exoskeleton is extremely well suited for performing remote operations for dangerous locations, like Search and Rescue operations, subsea maintenance works or sensible equipment manipulations.

Compared to conventional teleoperation of robotic arms by using joysticks, using the  Space Applications exoskeleton is more intuitive and accurate, as it is based on direct motions order and real-time haptic feedback.

No long and fastidious trainings are required: just use your arm!!