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The mobile Procedure Viewer or mobiPV is a technology development initiative (GSTP5) by ESA and provided by Space Applications Services, Belgium. In its integrated form, mobiPV will serve as a set of mobile task support capabilities for ISS astronauts when they execute ODF procedures during payload and system operations.

mobiPV enables:

  • The astronaut to read and navigate procedures on a wrist-worn smartphone, heads-up on a Google Glass or on a iPad using hands-free speech recognition technologies;
  • Real-time audio/video streaming, and media sharing from the ISS environment to ground specialists providing full situational awareness on ground;
  • Ground specialists to support the astronaut in real-time by following procedure progress, uplink media (text, video, image and audio notes) and live stream voice and video to the astronaut.

The system is the first demonstration of wearable and mobile computing solutions for crew task support in space and will show how these technologies can enable real-time collaboration and communication between the ISS and mission control.

mobiPVwill be demonstrated on the ISS by ESA atronaut Andreas Mogensen during his 10 day IRISS mission in September 2015. In addition, a second system will be tested in the sub-sea NEEMO 20 mission by ESA astronaut Luca Parmitano in July 2015.