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The C3I - Generic Robot Control Station features:

  • ROS (Robot Operating System) Support: 
  1. Compliant with a wide set of commercial and research platforms.
  2. Easy to add and remove modules for robot specific background processing.
  • JAUS (Joint Architecture for Unmanned Systems) Support
  1. Compliant with international standard (Military and law enforcement) for unmanned systems.
  2. Dynamic discovery of robot in the network with appropriate robot configuration.
  • GUI + backend
  1. Automated discovery module to identify robots on a network and dynamically configure GUI .
  2. Sensor visualizations - Inertial measurements, point clouds (with octo-maps), wireless quality, battery level, cameras and video streams.
  3. Commanding: industrial joystick interface, bluetooth gamepad, waypoint editor.
  4. MapView: Web based Open Layers API's, Displays layers, vectorial data manipulation tools (robots, trajectories, waypoints, polygons-sectors etc), popups to inspect vectorial data.
  • Local GIS
  1. Hosts a locally configured geoserver with vectorial and raster maps.
  2. Custom support in DB to store sensor data such as robot global pose (GPS+IMU), images & videos, point clouds, robot heath data, etc.
  3. Can act as a server for providing access to maps and situational awareness on portable devices.