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The Centre of Human & Aerospace Physiological Sciences (CHAPS) is focused on fundamental questions regarding human physiological function and adaptation in health and disease. It is comprised of biomedical scientists with integrated interests in skeletal muscle, ageing, development, exercise, pain, rehabilitation and the physiology of novel environments.

A wide variety of disciplines ranging from cell biology to whole body systems neuroscience are used in three overarching research themes: skeletal muscle & ageing; sensory-motor control & pain; and aerospace & extreme environment adaptation.

CHAPS is committed to integrative and translational research which is facilitated by collaborations with other research groupings within King’s College London and King’s Health Partners as well as with external organisations including the European Space Agency, the RAF Centre of Aviation Medicine.

Our critical mass of expertise supports a portfolio of unique research-led postgraduate courses and doctoral opportunities. Taught MSc programmes are offered in Human & Applied Physiology, Space Physiology & Health and Aviation Medicine. In addition, CHAPS is also responsible for delivery of the Diploma in Aviation Medicine  approved by the Medicine Faculty of Occupational Medicine of the Royal College of Physicians. As well as EASA Basic and Advanced courses in Aviation Medicine and MSc in Aviation Medicine


King's College London